New Metal,
New Form

SUS Inc. is a manufacturer based in Tsubame-city, Niigata known as a major production area of metalworking in Japan.
"SUSgallery" persuiting creativity of pure titanium, and "SEVEN SEVEN" conveying a new value of metals such as stainless steel
are the 2 main brands SUS Inc. has developed.
On the background of over half a century time-tested technology and development of the KOSEI Group,
we will make a contribution to a sustainable lifestyle through manufacturing.


OEM PRODUCTS Original Equipment Manufacturing Business

Our integrated manufacturing process of stainless steel / titanium products has been cultivated by ourselves; planning, metal pressing, spinning machining, curling, welding, grinding, vacuum processing, assembling, and packing. Throughout our proven skills, we will meet your various requests.


When making this product, we always wanted to make something original that will also be the first of its kind in the industry worldwide, and we thought of putting in whatever it takes to do so. It all started with several trials. Each day posed a new challenge in front of our technicians who had a deep inclination towards the art of “making things”.



SUS Inc. has developed product brands through in-house development and production and an OEM business based on a vast experience. Our integrated production system ensures a high product quality to convey to the outside world a new sense of value cultivated in Japan.


SUS has been committed to developing revolutionary metal processed products. We take care of everything right from the planning and development of products to their processing, manufacturing, and sales is under one roof. Join us to give your contribution in conveying the essence of “Made in Japan” quality.